CLI and SDK for interacting with Substra platform.


To install the command line interface and the Python SDK, run the following command:

pip install substra

To enable Bash completion, you need to put into your .bashrc:

eval "$(_SUBSTRA_COMPLETE=source substra)"

For zsh users add this to your .zshrc:

eval "$(_SUBSTRA_COMPLETE=source_zsh substra)"

Note: Substra CLI isn’t compatible yet with Windows unless you use the Linux Sub System. Please have a look at those resources:

From this point onward, substra command line interface will have autocompletion enabled.


Interacting with the Substra platform

To help you implement your assets in Python, please have a look to the Substra Tools.

Cheat sheet

You can use this general cheat sheet to help you getting started with Substra.


Learn more about asset Permissions in this document.

Common errors

If you are facing some issues manipulating your assets, we have a dedicated page here.


Substra comes with a set of handy examples that will help you getting started! If you want to go further, you can also have a look at the community driven examples where you will see how to implement MNIST, MNIST with differential privacy or Deepfake detection!

Hands on Substra

If you are facing issues with Substra (CLI or SDK), you can have a look at: